A year in the vineyards

A year in the vineyards

– From November to February : We take advantage during the winter months to prune the vines, pick up dead branches (bois taillé) and bind the new posts that will carry the grape clusters. During this winter dormancy, the sap stops circulating.

– From March to April : Spring arrives and the grape vines begin to grow : it’s bud break. First buds appear.

– From May to June : Flowering begins, tiny blossoms can be seen. It is also time to take care of the soil and fertilize.

– From July to August : The leaves continue to grow and the flowers form small grapes. Gathering and raising the growing vegetation within the wires are effectued in order to allow a maximum of sun to ripen the grapes.

A thinning out of the leaves can also be done close to the grape clusters. Always with the intention to encourage grape maturity and to avoid risks of grape diseases. Throughout summer, the green grapes will grow until they reach the beautiful black color that characterizes the red grape varieties.


– From September to October : The grapes have ripened to a perfect balance of aroma/sugar level, they now can be harvested.

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